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One with Nature

I am from a Romany Gypsy family.


Two years ago you would never have heard me make that statement


I had been taught to believe that i would be judged, i wouldn't be safe, i wouldn't be liked or taken seriously. Hiding who i was had a crippling affect on my self esteem, my nervous system and my life in general. I felt like a fraud.

Being someone you're not literally shatters your nervous system - you are continually relaying the message that you're not safe - your body is in a constant stress response - this has huge implications both mentally and physically.

I was continuously exhausted, i struggled to make authentic friendships (how could i when i would'n't let anyone know the real me!) and i was hiding behind a plethora of logos and branding in my business - i just wanted to hide.

I knew i needed to break the cycle for my own daughters (did you know that generation healing impacts 7 generations before you and 7 generations after you?!)

I began a journey of remembering my Roots, of getting to the bottom of why i felt the way i did and of finding ways to support myself along the way.

This has transformed my life and now it's transforming the lives of other women all over the world.


Roots supports you to develop an innate inner wisdom that enables you to feel grounded and connected in your true authenticity. You will have a toolkit of somatic resources and rituals to return to whenever you need them and you will have the tools to share this magic with other women in the form of Circles, Retreats and 1:1 Consultations


This work is lifechanging and the more women we reach the better! 


This is why i designed a unique Facilitator Training Program that enables you to run Circles and Retreats for every stage of the Womanhood Journey using the Roots Methodology.

Roots Full Circle Facilitator Training is studied online at your own pace with absolutely no time limit - you have lifetime access to all training material. This consists of a beautiful Roots Full Circle Facilitator Handbook , video workshops, private podcast recordings and a Roots Journal where you can reflect on your own journey and practice.

You begin your journey with a six week immersion of self discovery, by undertaking the Roots Program yourself - because you need to have done this work before you can safely hold space for other women to do it too.





What does the Facilitator Training Include?


You are invited to attend 5 Online Circles, facilitated by Clare and covering each of the specific Circles you will train to run (these are recorded so you can catch up at any point)

After completing the Roots Immersion yourself you will be invited to complete the following Certifications/Coursework:

Breathe and Heal Breathwork Facilitation

Roots Meditation

An Anthropology of the Women's Circle

Holding Sacred Space

The Menarche Circle (includes plans for a term of 5 Circles)

The Fertility Circle (includes plans for a term of 5 Circles)

The Birth Circle (includes plans for a term of 5 Circles)

The Mother Circle (includes plans for a term of 5 circles)

The Menopause Circle (includes plans for a term of 5 Circles)

The Lunar Circle (includes plans for a term of 5 Circles)

Facilitating Retreats 

A Trauma Informed Approach (facilitated by a qualified Mental Health Nurse specialising in Trauma)

Access to Magic Marketing - all the practicalities of creating your brand and getting your business up and running

Ongoing support within a closed community forum

Upon completion you will be professionally Certified to facilitate  Circles & Retreats for:







Roots Womens Circles 

Breathe & Heal Somatic Breathwork Circles

Meditation Classes and Circles 

You will also be qualified to use this powerful Method in 1:1 Consultations


The cost in full for this training is £777

This includes lifetime access to all course materials, free ongoing access to the community forum, your own Roots Immersion and Wellbeing Toolkit & access to Magical Marketing 

You can book your space here 

Please note - there are limited spaces available and allocation is on a first come first served basis

If you would like to pay in installments please contact me to arrange this

Not sure if you're quite ready to facilitate Roots Circles and want to test it out for yourself?  You can access the full 6 week program for just £77 and if you decide to become a Facilitator you'll receive this back off the cost of the training!

The Roots Immersion includes:

6 beautiful guided meditations 

6 powerful breathwork techniques

6 Journal pages of prompts

6 deep dive webinars 

Rituals and practices to support your daily wellbeing on an ongoing basis 

What will we cover?

Week One - Healing our Ancestral Roots - why we are programmed to feel the way we do

Week Two- Understanding the Archetypes and reconnecting to our divine feminine energy

Week Three- Understanding the rhythms and cycles that connect us to this energy

Week Four- Nervous System Reset - the power of the breath

Week Five -Creating rituals and routines that ground and support us

Week Six- Celebrating our Roots and understanding our soul purpose

This circle is your space to delve deeper than you've ever gone before


As a collective of women on this journey together we will explore why we've become so disconnected and dysregulated and how we can reconnect to our true, innate power and wisdom and purpose.


The circle is broken down into 6 elements, each element relates to a chakra (or chakras) within the body. We will journey together to explore why these energy channels may be blocked or out of sync, the beliefs we're holding onto and how we can release these in order to truly find flow and ease within our lives on a daily basis.



Each week you will have access to a video webinar , a guided energy meditation, breath work and journaling prompts. The meditations are no longer than 15 minutes, this makes the method accessible to you as you start to build your own daily practices and rituals - a holistic toolkit that you can come back to whenever you need to.


There is no rush, no schedule, no agenda, no time limit - this journey becomes more powerful every time you revisit it - plus, you have lifetime access!







Nothing is as powerful as a circle of women

Barefeet on Sand

"I had no idea i was holding all that within my body, i can't explain the clarity i feel now "

"I have joined so many programs and nothing has ever felt like roots - thank you for creating this"

"I use your week 3 meditation every single morning - it feels like a hug!"

"Why are we not taught this as young girls? Especially the cycle stuff? It's like i finally understand myself!"

"Every time i revisit this it becomes more and more powerful and potent. I can't wait to train to become a facilitator now!"

Ready to understand yourself on a level you never thought possible?

Join the 6 weeks self study Roots Program here for £77 (which you'll receive off the investment for Facilitator Training if you feel the call to join us!) click here 

Ready to go all in? Become a Roots Facilitator for  £777 when paid in full - click here 

Want to pay in 12 payments of  £77 - click here 

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