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Holding the Belly

Women have held space for other women during labour and birth since the beginning of time, way before the medicalised system created a conveyer belt for birth, where women are all too often treated like machinery.

We haven't forgotten how to birth our babies - we have been forced into disconnecting from the power it holds.


As a Doula i support women to reconnect and feel empowered during this incredible rite of passage. How we feel during birth has a direct impact on our lives forever more. Far too often women are left feeling powerless, unheard and vulnerable - it's time to challenge this.


I guide women gently during this journey, reminding them of the wisdom that their body holds and using practical, evidence based information to support genuinely informed decision making without judgment.



My Birth Program is centred around:


  •  The science of physiological birth : Reconnecting to our innate power to birth without unwanted intervention. This includes birth anatomy and physiology and a deep exploration of the role of hormones. We also explore active birth positions and the use of rebozo. 


  •  Informed consent and human rights in childbirth Understanding ALL of the choices available, why intervention is 'offered' and the statistics surrounding its efficacy & ethicality.


  • Creating a Birth Space and the role of the birth partner - includes massage techniques for labour 


  •  Birth and Fertility Trauma: Recognising and honouring the impact that previous birth or baby loss experiences may have had. Unpacking fear around the process of labour and birth


  •  Spiritual Midwifery: The power of the breath, visualisation and the senses wild remedies, nourishing recipes and teas, aromatherapy for labour & birth 

  • Honouring the Placenta

                                                                      More information coming soon



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