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Mother and Child

We were never meant to parent alone, yet more and more Mothers are finding themselves lonely, overwhelmed and reaching out to 'experts'

I believe that Mothers don't need saving, they need reminding that they know their little one better than anyone and it's safe to trust their instincts and Mother in a way that works for them and their family.

My Parenting Program is centred around:
Celebrating the uniqueness of each family

Reminding Mothers that they know their child better than anyone 

Busting the myth of Milestones and focusing on Natural Sequential Development from Birth

Nervous system regulation for the entire family

A holistic understanding of infant and child development 

Cognitive development, baby & child brain development and infant mental health 

The importance of touch and close connection for bonding and early communication

Play as a learning tool - nurturing natural curiosity

Natural, gentle remedies for ailments like teething, constipation, colic and reflux

Providing hands on, practical skills and knowledge that's accessible 

more information coming soon



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